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The Order of the Yew

What is the Order of the Yew?

The Order of the Yew is the magical dark heart of the Druid Network and is open for its members to join. This heart is the creative cauldron which inspires and nourishes the actions of each individual as they walk their path, both within the Network and the wider world. Its darkness is potential, its purpose is expression, for this is not a hidden place of inner contemplation.

A community woven from the dedications, energy, intentions and commitments of its members, the Order is the source-spirit of the Network. Within the pages in this section, one will find further information on the intention of Yew and how one can join, as well as the dedications and inspirations of its members.

The Order is created not for people, but of people; it is not a teaching Order, but an Order of practitioners. In a world where Druidry is easy to access, where public ritual, websites and books are readily available, the Order does not provide the opportunity to belong passively. The Order of the Yew is not an easy option.

Its members are individuals who have dedicated their lives into the service of Druidry. The Order itself is a wakeful witness to those dedications, allowing each of us to see how honourably and effectively we walk the path of our commitment, our vows and aspirations.

What makes it distinct from other Orders?

We call it an Order because what it asks of us is an undiluted service that is not possible for many, whether because of other interests or commitments in their life. As such, it is naturally a closed Order, not aiming to create an elitism but because not everyone will find it possible or feel called to serve so fully in this way.

Unlike many Orders within modern Druidry, the Order of the Yew provides neither teaching nor a framework for people to explore the deeper levels of Druidry. It does not hold or give us safety nets in order that we might learn or play. Members must retain their own deep personal commitment to self-directed learning, growth and development upon their path.

What makes the Order distinct is the independent autonomy and committed action of each of its members, working as individuals having dedicated their lives to Druidry, responsible and honourable. Some gather and share teachings, others feel the bond of natural cohesion simply through their dedication and connection with the Order, walking their path otherwise alone.

What does the Order require of you?

The Order requires only that your dedication and the path you walk is one of genuine service to Druidry, seeking sacred and honourable relationship with all nature. Every dedication is one of profound personal commitment.

What does the Order give you?

The Order of the Yew is a powerful witness to our dedication and subsequent actions, providing a mirror to our ethics and expression of commitment, reflecting our authenticity or lack of it.

The word ‘Order’ often denotes the sense of a structured community, yet creating community is not the object of the Yew. Some have called the Order the ‘Yew Tribe’, and the word ‘tribe’ may give the implication of a social cohesion; yet within the Order cohesion is found through a spiritual commonality in the rich deep dark mud. Our roots intertwine.

Thus, as a part of the magical cohesion of the Order, membership reminds us that others are on a similar path to our own. This knowledge can be a source of inspiration, guiding us in the depth of our personal commitment to find courage and strength within ourselves.

Beyond this, the Order offers absolutely nothing.

The Order’s structure

The structure of the Order of the Yew comes from our own personal rootedness.

While there are ‘leadership roles’ in the Yew (such as its administrators), the people who take on these roles are not responsible for organising the membership of the Yew. By managing the infrastructure of the Order, their work is an expression of their wider service to Druidry. Their role is not to fulfil the needs and desires of its members. The same is true for any event, ritual, gathering or project organised by any member of the Yew.

The Order of the Yew Discussion Group

As part of the Members Area but open only to those who have dedicated to Yew, there is a discussion group specifically for Yew Activity.


The Order is only open to those who are subscribed to The Druid Network, and is administered by Emma Restall-Orr (Bobcat) and Rob Wilson who you may contact with the below form: