Informing, Inspiring and Facilitating

The Order of the Yew

The Order of the Yew is an essential part of The Druid Network.

As an organization and a charity whose remit is to disseminate information about Druidry as a nature-based religion, and to support those who follow that path, the work of The Druid Network must be accessible to the wider public.  There is an option of Membership, allowing individuals to become involved in a community of discussion groups, but it takes only a small annual subscription and an assurance of respect for anyone to join.

The Order of the Yew is very different.  It has often been described as the ‘dark heart’ of The Druid Network, but it is necessary to have a deep understanding of those two common English words within a Druidic context in order to grasp the meaning here.

More clearly, the Yew might be described as the spiritual source of the Network.  It is its core, and yet it is not its centre.  It is the landscape which it inhabits, and yet which is only discernable to those who truly know what it looks like.

The Yew is a Closed Order yet, following the requisite process, any current Member of The Druid Network can join. The Order of the Yew encourages us to live our truth, and also offers a place where personal and Yew community projects may be created, witnessed and joined.

For more information, TDN Members can follow this link.


The Order is only open to those who are subscribed to The Druid Network. You can get in touch with the current Yew administrators via the form below: