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About Druidry

Ancient Oak

Druids, Druidism, Druidry… the words have held so many meanings. Here we attempt to explore and explain some of them.

The ancient Druids have been written about over centuries, often with inherent political agenda and prejudice, but we begin to feel we know something of them in the many academic works available. It is perhaps as difficult to adequately define modern Druidry, and certainly modern Druids range across any definition, refusing to be absolutely categorised. In working with the Charity Commission, TDN presented an insight into Druidry as it perceived it as a religious practice, in loose enough terms that it was compatible with major modern expressions of Druidry across the globe, and yet defining enough that it had coherence.

In order to present information in terms of “What is Druidry” without falling into the trap of a dogmatic and confining structure we offer a few ‘idea headings’, built by the Members of the Network and others in the Druid field into a zeitgeist, or flavour, of modern Druidry.

  • Beliefs and Definitions : How can we define what Druidry is, and what that means in practice?
  • Learning Resources : Direct, Online and Distance Learning Opportunities…
  • Deity and Mythology : How druids work with deity and the stories which describe our relationships with the gods.
  • Rites and Rituals : Information on the various forms of rites, rituals and celebrations within Druidry.
  • Bardic Expression : Poems, paintings, dances and songs… all are here.
  • Ethical Living : Simply living, how do we create and sustain an ethical awareness?

This section of The Druid Network website is constantly being reconstructed as new offerings are incorporated. Yours are invited.