Informing, Inspiring and Facilitating


As a Network and not an Order, our remit is specifically to provide a forum in which Druids and those studying the tradition can explore and share ideas and understanding. Gently here we shall be building up a collection of articles by different individuals, describing Druidry and the beliefs that embody and define the tradition.


Contemplation by Ri Mouse

A series of articles on the issue of Sacrifice in Druidry

Also here are a series of short articles written by Phil Ryder and Emma Restall Orr about Druidic belief and practice. They are intended to be both sufficiently broad and specific to express the aims of the Druid Network. Needless to say, they don’t aspire to speak for those who make up the network; they express in simple (often secular) terms what inspires the organization at its core.

Emma Restall Orr’s book Principles of Druidry (Thorsons, 1998) is now available online at This is a simple introductory text available to read online or download, free of charge.

There are articles on a wider range of subjects on our main Articles pages.