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Deity and Mythology

Stone of Brodgar

This section of the website aims to be an exploration of the many ways that druids work with deity and of the mythology and stories which describe our relationships with the gods.

It has been said that there are as many interpretations of the gods as there are druids and to this end, these pages do not aim to seek consensus. Each druid finds his or her own path into relationship with deity and here we intend to show a celebration of this diversity.

If you are inspired to contribute by sending ideas or articles or simply have a willingness to get involved, please contact us.

The Gods

The Many Gods of the Druid Tradition : Pages with information, definitions, ideas and experience on the deities honoured within the Druid tradition.

Do the gods care? – an article by Zen-Druid Jo.


Mythology : This area of the website is an ambitious project, for we aim to present here the core myths that still flow as powerful currents within and beneath the practice of Druidry.

Relevant Links : A library of e-texts, containing some of the more common European folk tales along with some stories from myths. Simple and easy to navigate. : This website offers access to a huge number of mythological tales from all of the Celtic lands. There is also a list of links to one side which can direct the user to myths from other traditions. Information is given on the translator and the date of translation which helps to put some of the tales in context. There is a massive amount of material here, with some fascinating information to be discovered!