Informing, Inspiring and Facilitating

Polytheist Druidry

Polytheist Druidry by Robin Herne

A basic introduction to the way in which a modern polytheist group connects with the Gods, land and spirits in a manner that draws inspiration from the ways in which the old tribes connected with those same Gods, land and spirits.

This is a course in twenty modules written by Robin Herne, submitted to us one by one …

Lesson One : Early Insular Celts
Lesson Two : Druids Ancient and Modern
Lesson Three : Gods and Goddesses
Lesson Four : Ancestors and the Living Land
Lesson Five : The Sidhe and other Spirits
Lesson Six : The Structure of Early Gaelic Society
Lesson Seven : Value, Morals and Ideals
Lesson Eight : The Four Major Gaelic Festivals
Lesson Nine : Family and Education
Lesson Ten : Marriage and the Roles of Men and Women
Lesson Eleven : Creating Healthy Communities
Lesson Twelve : Funeral Rites and the Afterlife
Lesson Thirteen : Animals in Society and Religion
Lesson Fourteen : The Use of Herbs
Lesson Fifteen : Sacred Trees
Lesson Sixteen : The Ogam Alphabet
Lesson Seventeen : Druids and Magic
Lesson Eighteen : Fate and the Justice system
Lesson Nineteen : Poetry and Storytelling
Lesson Twenty : Sacred Space